New beginnings is the Nth episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

The episode opens with a narrator explaining that Joey murdered his adoptive Parents because they were mean to him. His Uncle Azrael arrived from South America and took him under his wing. Azrael had booked a section of an old house to live in with some flat mates. We then see Azrael and Joey arriving at the house. They are greeted by Jack Tomes, a racist American who is descended from a Koo Klux Clan member. Jack shows them around and introduces them to the other guests, Míng (A Chinese chef), Alice (An old friend of Azrael), Dean (Alice's boyfriend), Claudia (Dean's secret girlfriend), Mrs Makin (A strange old lady from England), Wit (An arrogant American) and Charles (A friendly man from New Zealand). At dinner the group get to know each other. Afterwards Wit plays darts with Joey, and rages when Joey wins. Azrael and Alice talk about the old days while Dean and Claudia secretly go and have (Off screen) sex in their bedroom. The next day Azrael takes Joey to his new school. Joey is told off for punching another kid and is sent to the Mr Lorde's (The Principal) office. Mr Lorde calls Azrael to take Joey home. On the way home Joey tells Azrael he never wants to go back to school, but Azrael says he has to if he wants to be clever. When they get home Jack is mad because Míng took some Steak out of the fridge. In truth Jack just wants to be racist. Joey notices a strange man in the bush but ignores him. Mrs Makin is gardening and Joey goes to talk. He notices a human hand sticking out of a pile of wood and plants, but Mrs Makin tells him to keep quiet before lighting a bonfire. Wit begins hitting on Alice and Claudia in different rooms. Alice denies him but Claudia kisses him. Azrael sees what Wit is doing to his old friend so he looks him in the eye and winks. Wit forgets about it and goes to play darts.

Episode ends

Appearances Edit

  • Azrael Sullivan
  • Joey

Notes & trivia Edit

  • The character Joey is best friends with the character Roast Bubba. in the TFMM stories.

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